About Us

Any type of wall art can add style to a room, but if you are looking for something more interesting and avant-garde than typical paintings, metal wall art may be what you are looking for. Wroughtsiron is committed to providing metal enthusiasts around the world with a wide range of metal wall art. What is different from other manufacturers is that the metal wall art we sell is equipped with 16 colors of LED light strings. The glowing metal wall art is particularly eye-catching and amazing at night.
The idea of ​​Wroughtsiron was born to change the traditional way people decorate the house, and merge the ideal of life with metal art. The long-lasting corrosion resistance and the gloss that will not fade represent the eternal pursuit of different beliefs in life.
Wroughtsiron provides metal wall art with a variety of themes and elements. Most of the products support custom text. You can customize any text on the product, give it to family and friends or use it to decorate your own room. Wroughtsiron's current product styles are still very limited. If you have your own ideas and creativity, please tell us and help us pass the concept of metal art to every corner of the world.